Unsuspected Truth
"What you are aware of, you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you"
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"There is always a possibility that a piece of information may come your way and reveals an unsuspected truth. Whether you decide acknowledge it and act upon it is your choice, but at least you are exercising your Free Will". ~ Kenneth Harwer


If you have made it to this site it means you have been searching thoroughly through the Internet for certain topics. We hope you will find some of the information you seek on this site.

Would you be ready to change your perception of the world and humanity, even if that meant facing an inconvenient reality?

 If the answer is Yes or even Maybe, then feel free to browse around and comment on the forums.

We would like to thank Kenneth Harwer for contributing to some of the articles on this website.

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Many people think they know everything there is to know about the Universe and the condition of humanity, and they go on living their lives day after day focused on the reality they have created, the reality they are comfortable with. However, although a lot of people think they have reached certainties (through religion for example, or other spiritual paths), appearances can be very deceiving, and many of us go through our entire lives blindfolded and completely unaware of what is really going on in the Universe.  

There are two kinds of people: those who are deep in the "matrix", always distracted by a thousand things everyday and too focused on their own lives and  problems to stop and reflect on the big picture of life, where we come from, how we can change things in this world, and most importantly, what is the real condition of humanity today. Then there are those who do ask themselves a lot of questions and seek the "truth". However, most people are not really searching for the truth but rather for something that they can recognise as a possible truth which gives them a sense of security, hope and joy. Therefore, anything that is not convenient and will not give them inner peace and joy, they simply reject it, and find their own “truth”.  

This is what this website is about: an attempt to put together pieces of the greater puzzle and allowing people reflect, to participate and share views, thoughts and experiences that could contribute to a better understanding of the Universe we live in beyond the pure scientific view. This includes for instance the existence of a spiritual world that is beyond our imagination, so that the human race can finally lift the blindfold and take control of their own lives.

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